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October 1st release!

coming in December from Smith & Kraus

Includes Road Trip by Jan Probst


San Francisco Theatre Critics Circle Commendation

for Phoenix Arts Association virtual premiere

of Bird on a Tree Branch

"for especially courageous and distinguished work online during Covid-19’s devastating forced closures. Thank you for keeping theatre alive through such dark days."

Cordell Reports Review


The following plays - and more - can be found on New Play Exchange

Road Trip

Road Trip 7.jpg

Road Trip was an audience favorite at the Ten-Minute Play Slam, 2019 Valdez Theatre Conference, with Jill Bess, Ryan Buen, Jim Hindman, Michael Hood, Gigi Lynch and Markelle Gay.

The First Page

Jill and Jack

Jason Berner, Suzanne Latham
Jason Berner, Suzanne LathamBW5A6587a.jpg

Jason Berner and Suzanne Latham in The Legacy of Lillian at the inaugural Piedmont One Act Festival, 2016, Piedmont Center for the Arts

Piedmont One Act Play Festival

The Legacy of Lillian

The Prophecy of the Crows

Everybody Loves A Star

Jeremy Gaunt, Marguerite Scott
Jeremy Gaunt, Marguerite Scott

Jeremy Gaunt and Marguerite Scott, Overnighter Fringe Fest, 2018 ValdezTheater Conference

Copies of unpublished works are available for your perusal, and can be found at New Play Exchange or by contacting the playwright, while copies of published works are available from Next Stage Press.


For licensing and royalty information for published works, contact Next Stage Press. Licensing and royalty information for all other works is available by contacting the playwright directly via the contact form.

Copyright Notice:

Jan Probst is the sole copyright owner of these plays. None of these plays may be produced or reproduced in whole or in part in any way, unless permission is granted by the playwright or her designated agents. By downloading or purchasing any samples or full scripts, you hereby acknowledge that copyright.

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