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Jason Berner, Suzanne Latham

Jason Berner and Suzanne Latham in The Legacy of Lillian at the inaugural Piedmont One Act Festival, 2016, Piedmont Center for the Arts

Piedmont One Act Play Festival
B8 Theatre Company

Cast and crew of Changing the World with Big Hair at the B8 New Works Festival, 2017, including director Matthew Gardner, Saskia Baur, Beth Chastain, Shannon Geraghty, Imani Lee Ivery, Annie Larson, and Michael Sally.

Valdez Last Frontier Theatre Conference

Everybody Loves A Star!

Jeremy Gaunt and Marguerite Scott, Overnighter Fringe Fest, 2018 Valdez Last Frontier Theater Conference

Jan Probst in No Fences

Road Trip was an audience favorite at the Ten-Minute Play Slam, 2019 Valdez Last Frontier Theatre Conference, with Jill Bess, Ryan Buen, Jim Hindman, Michael Hood, Gigi Lynch and Markelle Gay.

Etta runs the first phone-in junk business in No Fences, a solo play performed at the San Francisco Fringe Festival, 1999

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